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For Bulk Order - 73490 69639

Heart Shape Vacuum Mobile Stand With Earphone Splitter - E 91

Rs. 40.00
  • Share music with your friends and loved ones with this- heart shaped earphone splitter
  • Plug the 3.5mm jack into your phone/music device, and- you can connect 2 earphones (3.5mm) with ease
  • Can be used to Connect 2 sets of speakers or- headphones to a notebook, phone, MP3 player or CD player
  • Powerful vacuum at the end to make it work as a- portable mobile stand
  • Can be used as a mobile stand in both portrait and- landscape modes
  • Wrap your headphones around the base to avoid- tangling of the cable
  • Can be used as a landscape mobile stand and a earphone- splitter, both at the same time