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Face Shield

  • Rs. 55.00

    Face Shield - PE

    PE is made of 200 micron Polyester film with Plastic band. The advantage if this shield is that you can replace/change front polyester film.   MOQ ...

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    Rs. 55.00
  • Rs. 85.00

    Face Shield - PUF

    PUF is made of 500 micron poly-carbonate film with PU Foam. The PU foam is profile polyurethane foam used for longer time. The profile foam shape h...

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    Rs. 85.00
  • Rs. 80.00

    Face Shield - EPE

    This is made of 500 micron Polycarbonate film with EPE Foam. The EPE Foam is a close cell foam and avoid penetration of liquid or contamination. Th...

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    Rs. 80.00